CBN To Resume FOREX Sales To BDC’s On Monday — Akahi News

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CBN To Resume FOREX Sales To BDC’s On Monday — Akahi News

Kroos reveals what Messi must do to leave Barcelona for Real Madrid — Akahi News

Contact Akahi News on 08038644328>>> The post Kroos reveals what Messi must do to leave Barcelona for Real Madrid appeared first on Akahi News. Real Madrid midfielder, Toni Kroos, has admitted he would be unlikely for Lionel Messi to join from Barcelona. According to Kroos, the 33-year-old needs to show “cojones” to remain in Spain.…

Kroos reveals what Messi must do to leave Barcelona for Real Madrid — Akahi News

Williams Bags Ha-trick Assist to earn Arsenal A Comfortable Win

Willian Arsenal shirt number confirmed after free transfer - Daily Cannon

I believe Arsenal will be very happy making the signing of Williams from Chelsea having seen him got a hatrick in his debut as an arsenal player. on the other hand, Chelsea fan will be unhappy because they have lost a great player from the team and he might be a treat to them when the confront them in months to come. Ever since he went to arsenal, i keep wondering why Chelsea should agree such deal with arsenal despite their new signings, i think he should have being allowed to stay for maybe a season or two.

Nigeria Records 216 New COVID-19 Cases, 429 More Recover — Akahi News

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Nigeria Records 216 New COVID-19 Cases, 429 More Recover — Akahi News

12 reasons why you should stop watching porn to be successful.

Do you want to be successful in your life? Then I am here to establish 15 reasons why you should stop watching pornography. This has nothing to do with your lifestyle, morals, religion or culture. Am only just looking at the side effect to your personality and how it can hamper your success in life. if you are addicted to pornography or you know anyone who is addicted to watching porn, then this article is for you then.

The greatest hindrance to human success in life is what they engage their life with, and how often they do it. Addictions ruin lives, but porn addiction is probably one of the most insidious and dangerous addiction facing young people today. In fact, a study at Brigham Young University College of Nursing found that “pornography consumption can be as ‘mood altering’ and as addictive as narcotics.”There are around 42 million porn websites, which totals around 370 million pages. Porn site is one of the most visited site all round globe. Most people think watching porn will have nothing to do with their success or personality. So I’ve come to a believe that porn addiction is probably the worst in our society today. Below are 12 reasons why you should stop watching porn to be successful.

1. Addictions Ruin Life

Getting addicted to something, it usually have effect on your life in multiple areas and watching porn is no exception to it. Think about the wasted time and money its costing you alone. Some people will say they have a rather successful life and still watch porn and that maybe fine. What I’m suggesting is that you have no idea just how much things can improve until you stop watching.

2. It Causes Depression

Watching porn releases large amounts of dopamine in our brains. If you consistently and constantly watch porn and masturbate to orgasm the brain down-regulates dopamine receptors as a way to maintain homoeostasis. When it does this, you typically need to watch more to feel good. But what’s worse is that the pleasure you gain from everyday activities can never be enough. Everyday life seems to be a mess to you. You see yourself as a failure, nothing good to be used for and self hatred. Now it could be that you turned to internet porn as a way to feel good in the first place, as a way to numb yourself from depression and everything else going on in life. Unfortunately the reality is that the more you watch it, the more negative and depressed turn out to be.

3. It Weakens Willpower

Compared to other creatures on earth, human beings have a very well developed prefrontal region. It is where we do our abstract thinking, make goals, solve problems, regulate behaviour, and where we suppress emotions, impulses, and urges. As dopamine receptors decline in the brain, so do the amount of neural cells in the prefrontal lobes. This then weakens your willpower. This is what makes quitting porn addiction challenging. Can you see how it could impact your ability to take action on the things required to make you successful? A real physical change in your brain results in weakened willpower. Tip: Meditation is actually proven to strengthen the frontal lobes and is also recommended for people wanting to quit watching porn.

4. It Destroys Productivity

Because there are no limits to consumption with internet porn you can spend as long as you want watching it.The average porn addicted male watches anywhere between 4 to 12 hours per week. That’s essentially an entire work day wasted that you’ll never get back.But what’s worse is that if you’re addicted to porn and watching it throughout the day then you’re wasting countless other hours of productive work pretty much every day. Symptoms such as ADHD, OCD, poor focus, poor concentration, and low motivation can all be traced back to arousal addiction and porn use because of the physical changes that occur in the brain. Skeptical? Just stop for 90 days and see what happens.

5. It Lowers Your Motivation

When your dopamine receptors decline due to watching pornography and over masturbation it greatly affects your motivation to do anything. You become numb to everyday pleasures and it becomes difficult to become motivated because you’re unable to appreciate the pleasure as you usually would have. Let’s look at this another way. When you pleasure yourself to porn your primitive brain thinks that it has achieved its primary purpose of spreading its genes. Now if you are doing that every day or even a few times a week (note: real sex is different) then you’ll find it very hard to do anything else.

6. You’ll Start Hating Your Body

When you watch porn you can unconsciously start comparing yourself to the actors and very quickly develop insecurities about your body and a poor self-image. Now to compare yourself to a porn star would be ridiculous because they are chosen for the way they look. Even after that, there is plenty of makeup, surgery and photoshop edits to make them look the way they do.Having said that, it will fill you with a false sense of reality.

7. Porn Causes you to Stop Appreciating People

Expanding on the previous reason, the world of porn is designed to appeal to your fantasies where everything is perfect. Because of that its easy to stop appreciating real partners. A lot of men in particular say that when they stopped watching porn they found women to be more beautiful. The other thing is that when you watch porn you’re spending less time on cultivating real relationships.

8. It Can Cause Erectile Dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation And Delayed Ejaculation

The number one reason you should stop watching porn is that it can lead to porn-induced erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and even delayed ejaculation. Watching porn is actually a cause of less sex, less satisfying sex and eventually no sex. The anxiety this causes in men is lethal all on its own. What most men don’t realize is that watching porn actually causes changes in the brain. There are numerous psychological changes happening at a subconscious level. The problem is that porn is fake, it’s creates unrealistic beliefs and perceptions and its far from reality. You can become so accustomed to being able to get an erection to certain types of images, themes and scenarios that when it comes to the real thing you won’t be able to perform. Be honest with yourself, do you find that you can maintain a rock hard erection for long periods of time watching porn but can barely last minutes with a real person? If this is you then rest assured these changes will reverse when you stop watching porn and give the brain a chance to rewire itself.

9. It’s a Cause of Social Anxiety and Low Self-Confidence

Porn might make you question a lot of things; your abilities in the bedroom, your physical appearance, your relationships. There is also an inherit shame that comes from watching porn. Unconsciously you don’t feel really good about yourself. For men, watching porn and excessively masturbating lowers testosterone and increases prolactin. The change in these hormones results in greater levels of anxiety and less confidence

10. Leads To A Better Sex Life

A great reason to stop watching porn is that doing so will lead to a better sex life with real partners. You’ll find that when you quit watching porn you’ll have more energy, more stamina, better quality erections and more satisfying sex in general. Even if you only watch a few times a week or even once a week I implore you to cut it out of your life completely to see the real benefit

11. Greater Cognitive Function

A community of people that abstain from porn and masturbation known as NoFap typically list the clearing f brain fog, greater focus, greater concentration, increased motivation and creativity as some of the “superpowers” they experience from NoFap. Again, when you masturbate and are spiking your dopamine for hours per day you are not only causing physical changes to your brain like the loss of grey matter but you are also losing vital nutrients through excessive ejaculation. If you want to be successful in life then there can simply be no place for porn in it.

12. You’ll Become Successful Almost Automatically

I saved the best reason for last. When you stop watching porn and you stop giving yourself instant gratification from the pleasure of orgasm with a few mouse clicks well then you actually have to go out into the world and do something valuable to get the same pleasurable feelings.

Whether you’re male of female, when you stop watching porn and pleasuring yourself for nothing you will then have to elevate your value to attract real partners and this causes you to become successful.

4 Parenting Styles — Adoption and Parenting

Every grandmother and grandfather will tell you hilarious stories of their children when they were first born. And for every funny and touching story they have, they will be able to tell you another for every hardship they encountered. Parenting is something that is done in many different ways by each parent. The following are…

4 Parenting Styles — Adoption and Parenting

Oscar Pistorius is charged guilty of culpable homicide

A judge found Oscar Pistorius guilty of culpable homicide, the South African term for unintentionally — but unlawfully — killing a person.

The verdict comes a day after Judge Thokozile Masipa cleared Pistorius of murder in the killing of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp — but he could still end up behind bars.

The maximum prison sentence for culpable homicide is 15 years.

Sentencing could be weeks away and will come after more legal argument.

The verdict also dealt with three other charges, all weapons-related.

He was found not guilty of two — a car sunroof shooting incident and illegal possession of ammunition at his house. B

The judge found Pistorius guilty of the third: a charge involving a shooting at a restaurant.

In a shooting from a car’s sunroof, Judge Thokozile Masipa said the state failed to prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt. She said she didn’t find the state’s witnesses persuasive, saying the the pair’s version of events differed too much.

In another shooting at a restaurant, she said the state had proven its case. Pistorius, she said, was trained in the use of guns and should not have asked for the gun at the restaurant, let alone handle it.

In the third, Pistorius was found not guilty of an ammunition charge. Masipa saids the state failed to introduce evidence that proved he intended to possess the ammunition

Masipa, who has presided impassively for months over the high-profile trial, finally let the world know what she has been thinking on the first day of reading her verdict Thursday.

Pistorius did not intend to kill Steenkamp, Masipa said, accepting his defense that he thought someone had broken into his house and that he believed he was defending himself.

Pistorius, 27, has always admitted firing the bullets that killed his girlfriend Steenkamp, then a 29-year-old cover model about to turn reality TV star. He pleaded not guilty to murdering her in his home on Valentine’s Day last year, claiming that the killing was a tragic mistake.

But in grabbing his gun and heading toward the supposed threat, Pistorius “acted too hastily and used excessive force,” Masipa ruled Thursday.

“His conduct was negligent,” and not what a reasonable man would do in the circumstances — not even a disabled one, she said before adjourning for the day.

Defense arguments that his upbringing “in a crime-riddled environment and in a home where the mother was paranoid and always carried a firearm” might explain his conduct that night, but “it does not excuse the conduct,” Masipa said.

“The accused had reasonable time to reflect, to think and to conduct himself reasonably,” she said. “I am not persuaded that a reasonable person with the accused’s disabilities in the same circumstances would have fired four shots into that small toilet cubicle.”

Though she did not formally pronounce Pistorius guilty of culpable homicide, her statements from the bench essentially added up to a definition of the crime, said CNN legal analyst Kelly Phelps.

There is no minimum sentence for culpable homicide in South African law, so it will be up to the judge to decide his sentence if that is her verdict. Sentencing takes place in a separate phase of the trial that can come weeks after the verdict.

Masipa found Pistorius not guilty Thursday of murder, premeditated or otherwise.

She said the prosecution had failed to prove its case that Pistorius and Steenkamp argued on the night of the killing, and that the Olympic track star then shot her in a rage.

Masipa was not persuaded by the testimony of neighbors who said they heard shouting, screaming and shots.

The neighbors’ stories do not match the timings on phone records the night of the killing, she concluded, saying: “Technology is more reliable than human perception and human memory.”

She also said she believes media coverage contaminated testimonies, and that state witnesses were in and out of sleep the night of the killing.

She knocked down other key aspects of the state’s case: the fact that Steenkamp took her phone and locked herself in the bathroom allegedly out of fear for her safety, phone messages between the couple that showed some rocky patches, and stomach contents that might suggest the victim ate later than Pistorius said.

Pistorius could be seen crying at times during the reading of the lengthy verdict.

The victim’s parents, Barry and June Steenkamp, sat expressionless a row behind and across the court from the man on trial for killing their daughter. Her father bowed his head as he heard about his daughter’s fatal wounds.

Pistorius’ uncle and aunt, sister and brother also attended the hearing in the packed courtroom — the latter in a wheelchair from a car accident.

The Olympian’s trial in the death of his model and law graduate girlfriend started six months ago, transfixing the world with graphic details of how he fatally shot Steenkamp.


Earlier post

Murder trial: Oscar Pistorius learns fate today

Oscar Pistorius on Thursday wept in court as he was cleared of the murder of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, Skysports reports.

But the paralympian will today find out whether he is guilty of manslaughter.

Judge Thokozile Masipa told Pretoria High Court there was ‘no doubt’ when Pistorius fired his gun ‘he acted unlawfully’, and she will rule whether he is guilty of the lesser charge – known as culpable homicide in South Africa – over the 29-year-old model’s death.

At the end of Thursday’s hearing, she found the athlete had acted ‘negligently, ‘too hastily’ and used ‘excessive force’ while failing to take steps to avoid the resultant death.

Judge Masipa stopped short of giving an actual verdict on manslaughter – which carries a maximum sentence of 15 years in prison – and adjourned proceedings for the day.

Earlier, she cleared Pistorius of both premeditated and second-degree murder, telling the trial ‘there are not enough facts’ to support the prosecution case that he had intended to kill Ms Steenkamp.

The judge said the charge of premeditated murder relied on ‘circumstantial evidence’ from the state, adding: “The State has not proved beyond reasonable doubt that the accused is guilty of premeditated murder. There are just not enough facts to support such a finding,” she said.

Pistorius was charged with one count of murder, two of illegally discharging a firearm – which is unrelated to Ms Steenkamp’s death – and one of illegally possessing ammunition.

The 27-year-old, his head down and shoulders shaking, was visibly distressed and wept in court as the judge recounted the events of Valentine’s Day last year.

The prosecution had suggested Pistorius stormed down his bedroom corridor after his frightened girlfriend in a jealous rage and deliberately shot her through the toilet door.

It had pushed for a verdict of premeditated murder which carried a sentence of 25 years in prison.

The double amputee sprinter has insisted he was terrified and felt excessively vulnerable due to his disability and shot Steenkamp in a tragic accident, believing her to be an intruder.

South Africa has no jury system so Judge Masipa is deciding on the verdicts herself with the help of two assessors.

Proceedings began earlier in the day with the judge outlining the facts of the case before the testimonies of each of the 37 witnesses who gave evidence at the six-month murder trial. Some 21 witnesses testified for the prosecution and 16 for the defence.

The judge described Pistorius as a ‘poor and evasive witness’ who was initially composed, then ‘contradicted himself’ under cross examination.

She said claims by the defence that police contaminated evidence and removed items from the crime scene ‘paled into insignificance’ while also rejecting claims by the prosecution that the relationship between Pistorius and Ms Steenkamp was ‘on the rocks’ and counter claims by the defence that they were ‘a loving couple’.

“In my view, none of this evidence from the State and defence proves anything,” she said. “Normal relationships are dynamic and unpredictable most of the time, while human beings are fickle.”

The Philantropist has done it again

Billionaire, Bill Gates, through the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, is set to spend $50 million on the fight against Ebola.

This was announced yesterday, September 10, 2014, by the organization’s President of Global Development, Chris Elias.

The money will reportedly be used, along with an earlier set-aside sum of $10 million, to support emergency response to the Ebola outbreak in West Africa.

Elias said:

“It became clear to us over the last 7 to 10 days that the pace and scope of the epidemic was increasing significantly,”

The foundation has said that the donated funds will go to the United Nations, the World Health Organization (WHO), the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and international organizations involved in fighting transmission of the virus.

Ebola has claimed over 2000 lives this year in an outbreak that has been described by the WHO as the worst ever.

Adamawa youths sluttered fleeing insurgent

Youths and vigilance group members in Michika and Madagali local government areas of Adamawa State on Tuesday night killed about 80 Boko Haram insurgents fleeing the areas.

The insurgents, who had been wreaking havoc on some boundary communities in Adamawa and Borno states, were said to have run into the bush after running out of arms and ammunition.

It was gathered that normalcy had returned to the the LGAs with troops stationed in strategic places.

A resident of Michika, Vandi Joseph, told journalists on Wednesday in Yola, that the insurgents were overpowered by youths and vigilantes who shot them to death.

He said, “As I am speaking to you, our youths and vigilance group members ambushed and killed over 80 insurgents who escaped from soldiers and hid themselves in the bush. Our youths and vigilantes saw them and killed them.”

Meanwhile, the Mubi Emirate Council of Adamawa State has refuted media reports (The PUNCH not included) that the Emir of Mubi, Alhaji Abubakar Ahmadu, left Mubi and his palace for Yola, following an attack by Boko Haram on the town.

The spokesperson for the council, who is also the Danruwata Mubi, Chief John Elias, said at a news conference on Wednesday, that the Emirate was dismayed by the report.

Elias explained that the Emir who is the Amirul Hajj for the 2014 Hajj operation for Adamawa State , went to Yola to meet members of the delegation over preparation for the pilgrims.

He said, “The Emir did not leave Mubi for Yola as an escape from the insurgents but rather for meeting with members of the 2014 pilgrimages delegation committee which he is the leader. He returned to Mubi immediately the meeting was over.”

The Danruwata Mubi cautioned people to desist from spreading information that had no source and creating panic in the Emirate and the state in general.

He claimed that there was no attack on Mubi and anywhere in Mubi North and Mubi South LGAs as well as Maiha LGA.

Elias,who however said only Michika and Madagali had been affected by insurgency, called on the public to remain calm .

However, report from Michika indicated on Wednesday night that the attacks on the people might be linked to the fact that some people in the town harboured insurgents.

An indigene of the town, who gave his name simply as Daniel said, “Some people who have sympathy for the sect are frustrating military’s efforts at flushing out the insurgents.”

Meanwhile, a Senior Advocate of Nigeria, Olisa Agbakoba, has asked President Goodluck Jonathan to relieve the Chief of Defence Staff, Air Marshal Alex Badeh, of his job.

Agbakoba said since the military had failed in its mandate to win the war against Boko Haram, Badeh had no right as the CDS, to remain in office.

Agbakoba made the call on Wednesday at a press conference where he spoke on sundry issues of national interest in his office.

Agbakoba said that the CDS who was appointed in January this year had lost control of the army, citing the case of about 480 Nigerian soldiers who ran into Cameroon during a confrontation with the Boko Haram insurgents as a confirmation of his position.

The SAN, who was a former President of the Nigerian Bar Association, said it was worrisome that Boko Haram was now copying the tactics of the ISIS by declaring a caliphate in the North-East.

He therefore called on the President to show more seriousness in tackling the insurgency , adding that the first step to take was for him to sack Badeh.

He said, “I think our first task is to look around the world and ask whether our Nigerian intelligence and military infrastructure are doing just what they ought to do. If I were the Commander-in-Chief, I would invite the CDS , Alex Badeh and tell him that if he loses any command in the army, it’s over. If the President fails to send a strong message that the mission is not accomplished, then the chain of command would be weak.

“In the army, it is obedience to superior orders. How can you have Nigerian soldiers carrying our equipment into Cameroon and running away? It tells you that the Army is degraded. The only way that you can solve the Boko Haram problem is by a resolute decapitation of the leadership. There is no other way.”